A white trash chick, usually slovenly in appearance, donning a pair of swollen cankles.
Hey man, look at that nasty hogger over there.
by chokka December 01, 2006
An extra large line of cocaine.
Let's do a hogger, then go to the bar.
by Jonny Zip September 24, 2006
A large stinky dump.
Do NOT go into the upstairs bathroom. Grandma just took a hogger in there.
by Snapperhead September 17, 2005
1. Sports teams of NMH school, or the generic term for someone from said school with lots of school spirit.
2. A crazy Northfielder who defines things related to NMH, with a biased view of the Hermonite, and Mount Hermon in general.
"Man, that guy sure is a Hogger. Look at his all-NMH ensemble today--sweatshirt, polo shirt, shorts, and socks!"
by Hermonite April 09, 2005
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