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A person who hogs the pole on a subway, bus, or train by standing against it with their entire body leaving others nothing to hold onto.
"I had to train surf the downtown 6 today because some guy was totally being a pole hogger."
by MissMelissaJean October 07, 2009
When something tastes so OVER-THE-TOP delicious, that it can only be compared to heaven ( in your mouth of course ).
"Mmmmmm....This mac and cheese is like heaven in my mouth!"
by MissMelissaJean October 07, 2009
When someone with a perverted mind misconstrues something to be DIRTY, automatically. (DOWNTOWN alludes to nether regions)
"When i said it felt moist in here, she began to chuckle. Damn, that girl is always on the express bus downtown."
by MissMelissaJean October 07, 2009
When a guy looks ridiculously hot while wearing flannel of any kind.
"Oh my god becky, Did you see Kurt today? He's looking FLANNTASTIC as usual. I can barely contain myself."
by MissMelissaJean October 07, 2009
A skin tag, or beauty mark that hangs off the skin resembling a punching bag. Derived from the sound the punching bag makes when it's struck. Pronounced: buh-duh-duh.
"His beduhduh grossed me out so much, that I made him get it surgically removed."
by missMelissaJean October 07, 2009

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