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An asshole that likes to look at Playgirl, just like his daddy did when he was conceived, with some help from the chemistry set.
HoFFY is an asshole, that likes to read up on the latest info from playgirl
by someone February 20, 2005
7 25
I am a leet coder, I can code C, php, html, asp, perl, python. I also have a 15 inch cock, that all the girls love to ride. I wear glasses, which make me geeky. I am an irc god, everyone worrships me. I love to get head from pankey and likewhoa. I love girls. I don't love guys. Anal sex is good to give, not to recive.
HoFFY, may we ride your balls?!
by HoFFY February 05, 2005
45 25
Hoffies are another name for a great pair of boobs. Aptly named after the Hoff himself as he loves the big rack.
Look at the size of the Hoffies on that blond
by Sean de Leer July 23, 2013
3 0