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I am a leet coder, I can code C, php, html, asp, perl, python. I also have a 15 inch cock, that all the girls love to ride. I wear glasses, which make me geeky. I am an irc god, everyone worrships me. I love to get head from pankey and likewhoa. I love girls. I don't love guys. Anal sex is good to give, not to recive.
HoFFY, may we ride your balls?!
by HoFFY February 05, 2005
Originated by the Great Sanderson Mittanacht - KaKarra is actually an example of Otomotopia. It is the verbalization of the Male Orgasm. KaKarra can be proceeded by as many Ka's as necessary and then is followed by the KARRAAAA (the "ah" sound my be held as long as necessary to put emphasis on the intensity of the orgasm). KaKarra is a very versatile word with a variety of usages as different components of the English Language, functioning as an exclamation, verb, or noun (like skeet skeet or jism).
Exclamation: Oh Fuck! You're pretty fuckin' good for a 4 dollar ugly hooker! (Grunt) KA KA KARRAAAAA!!!!

Verb: Oh Shit dude! I wasn't baggin it the other day and I KaKarred in my Girlfriend's sweet tang. Yea...I had to hit her over the head with a shovel and bury her in the desert; I ain't raisin no fuckin kid.

Noun: Dude You totally plastered your bitch's eyes shut when you spurt KaKarra all over her ass-ugly face.
by Hoffy April 20, 2005

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