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Arabic name meaning guidence.
The Qur'an is the Hoda for all of mankind.
by Maryam April 18, 2005
a girl that wears hijab, or covers her head, but at the same time has something about her that makes every guy want her
That girl must be hoda cuz all the guys are staring at her!
by jh369 July 26, 2009
the coolest persian mothafucka you'll eva meet!
"look at that bitch over there...o wait its hoda..I LOVE YOU HODA JOON"
by anita.xo February 08, 2008
Verb, To defy convention and (at times) good reason.
She hodas and is the most unique person I know because of it.
by Moe Kahn December 10, 2005
only meaning of love :) it means pure and kind hearted
by Lover124 April 14, 2013
A super hot Iranian girl; usually of the amazing kind. Pretty much got it goin on in every way.
Damn all I need is a Hoda to ride with me in this new Maserati I just leased.
by Spicy Jalapeno June 07, 2011
Moe: You look nice today!
Fatima: Hoda.
by ramo09 February 23, 2010
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