Hobot or Ho-Bot, sounds like robot. A Hobot is a bot on the net that sends you spam, instant messages or posts on message boards trying to get you to check out a sex/pornographic site.

This Hobot keeps flooding my inbox! >:(
This Hobot keeps flooding my inbox! >:(
by Dj Puma February 27, 2007
noun- a girl or guy that has sex with many partners without remorse, as an autonomous machine.
Dude, John is on his third girl this week, what a Ho-bot.

Jen, you've slept with five guys this month, you're such a Ho-bot.
by DesertDog April 20, 2010
A girl who has no opinions or emotions but whorish tendencies.

Usually dressed in too tight clothing and sporting a blank expression, the hobot, unlike a normal ho, has no personality. She is usually deemed more desirable than a normal ho because of that; Guys can do her all they want and never get any backlash.
Audrina Patridge, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton.

Guy: Damnnn, Lexi is so hot!
Other Guy: You should go for her, she's a total hobot. She'll do anything you want and never expect a relationship or anything.
by frenchwarriors January 01, 2010
-A promiscuous robot who has many casual sexual relationships.
-A robotic Prostitute , Whore, Hooker, Tramp, Slut
That hobot was a freak last night.
by The-Chris April 08, 2009
A woman, usually a prostitute, who has sex with multiple partners in short spans of time. A woman who functions as a sexual machine.
Guy #1: Dude, your bachelor party was a total success.
Guy #2: Thanks to that hobot Guy #3 hired, I think EVERYBODY had a good time.
by Gora Chora September 02, 2007
Robotic hobo
The hobot's bindle was made of silicon.
by Mongolian Chop May 11, 2003
That little sexy cursor buddy on your screen, that guides you through web surfing.
I am lost on the web without my hobot.
by Jacomba February 28, 2004

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