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hobnob v 1. to mingle, usually with the upper class of society.

The verb hobnob originally meant “to drink together” and occurred as a varying phrase, hob or nob, hob-a-nob, or hob and nob, the first of which is recorded in 1763.
"After the opera, we hobnobbed with the foreign heads-of-state."
by Equator December 16, 2004
one who schmoozes but with so many people that no real connection is made
Rob was hob nobbing it all night long and everyone in the bar likes him but knows he has nothing meaningful to say.
by Dave Rey October 28, 2007
1. To get hit in the head.

2. To perform oral sex.
1. "Dude, that baseball bat hob nobbed Wally so hard that he almost copped death."

2. She hob nobbed his unit last night.
by dims April 29, 2005
Another word for tea bagging when you consider how often do you re-dunk a tea bag compared to a biscuit, specially a hobnob.
That's called a Hobnob then
by TeddyMan June 08, 2011
An unusually girthy Penis, with a flat bell, of an oaty nature.
I could barely fit it in my mouth he had such a large hobnob.
by Crusaders fo hobnobs-oaty wars December 11, 2011
Like a Hobgoblin is a part-goblin, the word hobnob can be used as a noun to describe someone who is a bit of a knob. It is a playful term as it is not as bad as being a full knob.

Can also be spelt as hobknob.
"Mate, you're a bit of a hobnob."
by The Majestic Menice April 08, 2010
A Boy or Girl That Is Bisexual Bats For Both Teams

Hob: Vagina
Nob: Dick

See Also: Nob-Nob and Hob-Hob
Person One: I Fansy Boys And Girls
Person Two: Your A Hob-Nob Then
Person One: Cool! =
Person Two: Mhmm.
by Multicoloured February 27, 2007
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