An active customer of prostitutes and escorts who shares information with similar customers, typically on some type of online forum.
"Joe has been a hobbyist for years - he has over 100 reviews under his handle on XXX site."
by speedstan February 24, 2010
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Someone who has a hobby of visiting with most (or all) of the local escorts in a given city or local. Quite aking to a gambling addiction in terms of amount of money spent.
I'm a hobbyist; I've fucked 17 different women this month, but it cost me 10 thousand dollars to do so.
by notAhobbyistButJustGotLaid June 04, 2003
A man who patronizes prostitutes.
A Hobbyist needs so much anal action that their worn out women tell them they should take up a Hobby.
by Joe Coalman September 01, 2008
Someone who has a hobby, regardless of what the hobby may be; takes it way too seriously by spending too much money and time on it, and makes fun of newbies
There goes Joe, the ham radio hobbyist making fun of the Tech class licencees for their voice-only privileges
by Tom Bomb December 31, 2005

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