a small person who is of annoyance
ann: he's so annoying
sara: yea and short
ann: he's such a hobbit
by lu13 August 20, 2010
v. to shave off pubic hair in the shower, leaving it to stick to the feet of the next person in the shower.
Dude, my brother inl aw shaved his pubers in the shower and left them there. Now they are all over my feet.

You have just beeen hobbited.
by bdogwagdiggity April 13, 2009
- an imaginary being similar to a person but smaller and with hairy feet; invented by J.R.R. Tolkien

- Ted Thomaidis

"You better not be calling me a HOBBIT!!"
by The Hobbit @ GMAIL May 01, 2008
Hobbit, v: to bring futile and destructive industrial action at the last minute.
It would be reassuring if the Council of Trade Unions would confirm now that it will not Hobbit the Rugby World Cup.
by GollumMyPrecioooouuuuus October 27, 2010
A non-marijuana-smoking person who supports pot smokers.
Eric: He hangs out with all the Ents and yet he doesn't smoke...

Bob: Yeah, his a Hobbit.
by Meatloaf_King October 30, 2011
A young (usually immature) pot smoker who resides in the urban rain forests of British Columbia, Canada. Usually they reside in Vancouver. Typically they are anti establishment - anti anything really. They are normally unemployed and contribute nothing to the society in which they live except to spend time protesting to get more, more, more from the government. Spend more time lying around smoking pot. Typically they vote Green Party although not 100% sure why.
1.Hobbit dude, pass the joint.
2.Hobbit dude, get that job today? No dude, I slept in.
3.Dude, are you going to the 4:20 smoke-in? Sure, man. There'll be lots of other hobbits there.
by Ubique April 21, 2009
v. When a group of young stoners persistantly elects one member of the group to carry out tasks found collectively difficult or undesirable by the rest of the group.

n. A person, often times high on pipeweed, who is repeatedly chosen to carry out the deeds the rest of a group (usually too stoned) are unable to perform.
1. Don't hobbit me bitch, I'll go get the damn beer when I'm good and ready.

2. Stoner 1: Hey man, you should go in the liquor mart and get everyone munchies, man.
Stoner 2: Why do you guys always have to make me the hobbit???
by Rockbubba November 24, 2007

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