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an unknown person who stays in your home for extended periods of time and doesn't respond to hints that they should leave.
"dude the hobbit is sleeping in my bed and know I have to sleep on the coach," "damn the hobbit is back I thought it was finally over," "I think the hobbit came onto me and it is getting awkward."
by MAJQ September 11, 2006
A small boy by the name of Jacob who is a Housekeeper. Jacob, the Housekeeper, has small little hobbit feet and is also known as a W.O.W. Fag.

Also known as the Hobbizle. The hobbinator. The Hobbinizleator!
Man, Hobbit, quit playing WOW, you fag!
by EP_SWAT September 17, 2007
An insult given to small people.
"Keyligh You're A Hobbit"
by Stephen September 01, 2004
A pocket-sized runt with humongous feet. Ears which are pointy, this suggests that Hobbits were actually meant to be elves ...but whoever created these creatures appearently ran out of material.
Legolas is one elf short of a Hobbit.
by Tressia June 07, 2004
Offensive term for a small gay person, derived from the JRR Tolkein book Lord of the Rings in which sam and frodo seem to become rather fond of one another...
Dwarfism + Gay bar = Hobbit
by NakedSnake March 05, 2005
Hobbit a small fat pussy who follows people that make fun of him. Lives on top of a hill and loves poon jobs, can be found humping a car and filing law suits.
"Lad is a hobbit"
"i hear hobbits get pushed into chairs and start crying"
by Luis May 05, 2005
A secret organizaton known only by the name of B.U.S.H (Baddly Used Shit Heads). created almost exact clones of Mini Me. They named these new creatures while they were all drunk. When they woke up the next morning, they found that the H.O.B.B.I.T.S. (Horribly obese bumbling bribeing intellectual tyranus shitheads) had escaped. They then hired a mercenary nicknamed G.A.N.D.A.L.F (gay asshole nabbing diapers after licking fishsticks) to catch them. The whole thing ended up being a big hit, so it was made a movie. For more information, see "racists".
(Hobbits): Small people getting paid more than me.
by ro91 November 24, 2005