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A girl that is either extremely whorish or just acts dumber than she really is.
Cathy is such a ho bag; she's had sex with 80 guys in the past year.

Sally really needs to stop acting like such a ho bag; we all know that she doesn't really think Chicken of the Sea is actually chicken.
by The Ajj August 24, 2009
3 4
Function: noun
Etymology: Fabricated on a whim by midwestern high school student.
1 : person who behaves objectionably -- derogatory and generally considered vulgar
Stop hitting me, ya' ho-bags!
by UDPoPo July 02, 2006
3 4
A bag used to carry hos
an undesireable pile of shit
I'm gonna take this bitch back to my place in this handy ho-bag
Look at that huge ho-bag, taking in all the cock he can unroll
by J-DOPE January 15, 2003
9 11
A prostitute that has eaten all the other prostitutes on the street because of buissness competition, therefore considered a bag full of hos, or a ho bag
Damn, Look at Destiny over there, she's a ho bag.
by Bobathan Steve III April 15, 2011
2 5
found in the gutter naked, she can be seen guzzling all the cum
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
7 10
It's that Dani whore everyone hates. Man she totally fucked up our christmas. Also see Butt-Lies.
Man, that Dani is a ho-bag. Cum guzzler. Totally Butt-Lies.
by Manic, Kitsune, and AIS April 17, 2005
9 13
bagdy, a true ho-bag, defiled by joey
bagdy's, all of them and the girls they run with, also boschen's, members of the duck family, and all those in cohorts with us
by alana April 09, 2005
4 8