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7 definitions by Tarah

bitch, ho, slut
cari gold
by Tarah November 12, 2003
54 37
well..obviously a Loren Glentz is a person, but a very good one in fact...sometimes they can be a true waffler, but other than that they're fine..sometimes they can be crazy and loud, but no doubt, it is a good thing...so to sum that up, everyone should wanna be a Loren Glentz...
"Wow...look at me, I am crazy, and pulling a Loren Glentz!"
by tarah December 02, 2004
2 0
Supporting an idea of something.
"There are many different ways that one could look at “The Perfect Canadian,” which includes the support or refutation of the themes and ideas expressed in the content"
by Tarah October 17, 2004
2 2
Someone that you both hate and love. You love them more than you hate though.
You're my true hover
by Tarah March 24, 2005
11 31
an inslut like ho w/ more spazazzzzz
cari gold would be and example of a ho who could also be caled a hobag if i were in a good mood
by Tarah November 12, 2003
10 38
to be totally "fuckin ugly"
DAMN....that bitch is mutha fuckin fugli...
by Tarah March 12, 2004
1 32
a verry nasty whores vagina. dirty vagina. vagina very infected with stds. a nickname for sean g. an insult.
frodo is a dirty twatwaffle.
by tarah March 30, 2004
28 105