A large hariy guy or woman who in there spare time likes to molest small animals and also elephants, they like llamas and like to munch on the nostrils of several kangaroos(mainly austrailan).
On the african grasslands, underneath the ground, hobknockers lurk. They creep until one unsuspecting gazelle or the above said animals are alone, and much like a child predator, SNATCHES THE ANIMAL UP IN ITS MONSTROUS TEETH ! Beware of these odd creepy men, that also like hairy, bingo-winged 50+ ladies.
by kate789 February 07, 2009
1. A person who 'rapes' or molests' animals.

2. Someone who hits you in the face with thier penis.
1. Carly: Oh he's so cute!

Wade C.: You are all a bunch of hobknockers!

(as seen on Icarly)

2. Devin: Dude! Wtf, you hobknocker.
by inuyasha gurl Aka ashton August 03, 2009
1- Someone who has sex with animals (and is apparently illegal)

2- Someone who pushes, or knock over, a hobo or bum
You are a filthy hobknocker!

British people call American people hobknockers becuase they find it insulting.

She knocked a homeless man on his unbathed ass, she must be a hobknocker
by Cookie C. <33 August 20, 2009
One who masturbates in public.

hob - usually a penis, but genitals in general.

knocker - to "knock" or fondle said genetailia(to masturbate).

Derived most-likely from someone with a fancy dialect.
Example 1:"Dude! I was in the theater and I happened to look over my shoulder and I saw that guy from Pee Wee's playhouse(Pee-Wee Herman.) knocking his hob!"

Example 2:"Okay, so I was walking down the street the other day, and I peered down this alley, right? And before my eyes was a homeless man beating off!"

"Ew! Dude! What a nasty hob knocker!"

Example 3:"I like to be a hob knocker, I think people's reactions to me knocking my hob before their very eyes is...well hilarious!"

Example 4:"So, I was off behind Quiznoes being a hob knocker, and I accidentally jizzed on a stray cat!"
by Saverinator October 12, 2010
A person who masturbates in Public Restrooms.
Oh My God! Did you hear about that hob knocker and what he did in the bathroom last week at school!?
by Madzyy Shaww<3 June 29, 2009
A hobo who knocks on your door, waits for you to open the door, sprints into your house, steals all your food and runs out the back door
Those goddamn hobknockers stole my yoghurt!
by TH1RTE3N June 06, 2013
noun- 2 hobos having sex in refrigerator boxes. Horizonal boxes are non-consensual, vertical boxes are consensual.
Two people walking down the street.

Person 1 "Do you see that refrigerator box?"
Person 2 "I think its moving, is it rats?"
Person 1 "It could be, or it could be a couple of hobknockers!"
by All the Single Owls June 30, 2010
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