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The sound one makes in response to a statement implying failure of responsibility, a puzzling realization, or as a response to practically any odd, awkward, shocking or irritating situation. Often used as a lazy response to nearly any line of questioning or factual statement. Proper tone can make "hmmmpff" a response to practically anything. Often both starts and finishes a conversation, or shows severe lack of interest in said conversation.

Alternate Spellings:
hmmpff (Nearly infinite variations of this spelling involving more M's and/or F's.)
harumpff (spelling may vary)
Boss: "That report is due Monday, are you sure you'll be able to finish it on time? Maybe you should come in Saturday afternoon."
Worker: "Hmmmpff." (tone of indifference)

"I thought that after tipping the homeless guy $20, the directions he gave us would have been in the RIGHT direction...hmmmpff." (tone of confusion)

Bert: "Kenny G is both a brilliant musician and a sex icon."
Mike: "Hmmmpff." (almost any tone, such as shock, disinterest, inquisitive, etc)
by (ping!)master February 01, 2006
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