Abbreviation for 'Hotel Mate'. A rugby team mate that you share a hotel room with during the Dubai 7's rugby tournament. It consists of the usual drunken male shenanigans (eeeevil shenanigans!), inviting random women to your room and building various structures out of empty Heineken cans
"Stroppy Dave" was my HM in 2001
"Perched Eagle" was my HM in 2002
"Skank Dawg" was my HM in 2003
My HM in 2004 will be... who knows?
by Sitting Duck/Dangerous G March 10, 2004
acronym for hair metal, scene kids generic dance to classic rock: flings hair arround and does open chord stance on air guitar
Person 1: HM brigades out again, lets go elsewhere
Person 2: rheeto
by snake-eyes-13 November 05, 2008
OMGWTFNO!111 Er...that hot short chick.
"Oh snizzap! Look at HM standing by the soda machine. Good thing I brought a dollar."
by Matt February 02, 2004
Abbreviation for Hannah Montana
Girl: Did you see that another HM Concert is coming to town?
by Jake Platinum February 02, 2008
High maintenance. When someone takes their sweet time getting ready and making everyone wait for them so they can put on their eye lashes and fake nails.
You are so HM Kim! I can't handles.
by Ceewok September 16, 2014

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