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Heartless crew (Fonti,Bushkin,Mighty mo)
garage act
"Big up the Hlc
by Manic! October 22, 2003
According to some, this acronym can stand for one of the following three possible things:
1. Holocarboxylase Synthetase, or a gene that makes the protein that breaks down egg yokes.
2. Hundred Legged Crab Syndrome, or a disorder that affects people born on June 26th in which theyre pet crabs slowly mutate to have 100 legs.
3. HypoLauClem Syndrome, or the condition that occurs when one is in class, so consumed by an ap physics test that they do not realize their surroundings.
1. Woah! Golly! Look at that HLCS breakinnn it downn on the dance floor with that egg! Whatta team!

2. I'm sorry mom! I promise I'll walk fluffy after school, its not my fault she has 100 legs! Its genetic! Its your fault!

3. "Uhh Lauren? Way to ditch physics!"
"I didnt!!! I have a gravitational attraction to it."
"Maybe I just didnt see you because of my HLCS."
by snickerdoodle2292 March 24, 2010
The expression HLC started out in the Norfolk outback of Mundesley, where an extremely hot guy arrived at a party.
He was described as being "hot like candy", and the term became abreviated.
Example 1:
"Whoah, that guy is HLC."

Example 2:
"I heard her new boyfriend is HLC."

by Suzunu* October 19, 2006

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