A "Hitmaker" is a person, of whom is almost always fashion-conscientious, who is extremely cynical, sarcastic, and/or sadistic, but pretty much only to the means of making a joke (usually witty). There are plenty of hitmakers all over the world.
"Did you hear how Matt and Jessica called Kevin off about his car? What hitmakers."
by a1b2c3d4e5f6 September 03, 2006
(noun) 1. a complete faggot. 2. a person who enjoys being a faggot. 3. a person well experienced in the act of being a faggot 4. a group of faggots at Half Hollow High School Wests who desperately need to watch their backs 5. a group of faggots at Half Hollow Hills High School West that are known to be faggots
Shit that kids such a pussy and a fag, he could be a hitmaker.
by Hitmaker hater October 05, 2004

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