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is not a word, despite the belief of John Mathews. Yes, hitherto is a word, as is fore. But when combined, the resulting preposition doesn't make sense.
John: Bret, come hithertofor!

Bret: God John, I hate when you try to make hithertofor sound like a real eloquent-sounding word even though it doesn't mean anything.
by birdman2012 December 02, 2009
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A) used to mean "come towards" or "follow me" usually with an angry connotation

B) has the ability to address a direct question in the sense that it implies a command unrefusable by nature
Come hithertofor right now or else!

Listen hithertofor you can not date an 8th grader when your a sophmore its just not right! Get that through your thick skull!
by JMANlyMAN December 02, 2009

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