to speak to someone one likes in order to gain some form of sexual arousal
Man, he is so hitting on her.
by sj0r April 27, 2003
1. (v) To strike with force; (n) a forceful strike, a blow or attack.
2. A single 'serving' or dose, generally a drug or alcoholic drink
3. To use something, usually a drug
4. A result of a search on a search engine
5. Visits to a web page
6. To visit; to go to
7. To have sex with
8. To make (sexually-motivated) advances on
9. To mark with graffiti; to tag
10. Ugly, as if having been hit with something
11. A murder or assasination. Or, a mandate for one.
12. A successful or popular thing
13. To communicate; to call or message
14. To realize something suddenly; to discover
1. He got hit by a bus.
2. He took a hit of acid
3. He hit the bong
4. "Porn" gets 250 million hits on Google
5. His blog got 3 thousand hits a day
6. We hit up a 7-11 because we were hungry
7. I'd hit it.
8. Some random drunk guy started hitting on her
9. We hit up the side of a bridge
10. Dude, that fat chick's so hit!
11. The Mafia called a hit on the mayor.
12. The song "Never Gonna Give You Up" was Rick Astley's biggest hit.
13. Hit me up on my myspace sometime
14. He couldn't remember where he knew her from, then suddenly it hit him.
#weed #acid #call #google #blog
by ɹǝʍod xɐɯ December 04, 2008
Something you do to malfunctioning objects to make them work again.
The TV remote wasn't working, so I gave it a strong hit on the back and now it's working like a charm.
#remote #technology #object #slap #punch
by numandina May 23, 2007
"Hoes In Training"
Little girls who dress up like sluts, hanging out at various places such as movie theaters, supermarkets, & Dennys, trying to pick up older men.
H.I.T. are everywhere in Miami
by Debbie May 31, 2004
Engage in sexual intercourse.
He looked up at the beautiful woman and shouted "five dollars and a pack of smokes - can I hit it?"
by Sooper! June 09, 2002
(1)Something that is unattractive, ugly, not nice.
(2)Someone who is caught in a negative situation.
(3)A person who is screwed.
1. Did you see that guy's face, he was hit!
2.He just found out Liz cheated, she's so hit.
3. I'm hit, rents due and I just lost my job.
by Johnny Mack September 09, 2005
a page request made of a web server by a user's browser
yesterday we pulled in 5,000 hits. what can we do to quadruple this number?
by Anonymous December 08, 2001
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