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Criticizing someone else for being a hipster while simultaneously being a hipster oneself. Nearly all hipsters will vehemently deny their status as a dirty, PBR-swigging, ironic tattoo-having, ugly thrift store find-wearing hipster.

The person who defined this word is obviously a fucking hipster.
Sanchez: God, look at that dirty hipster. Ugh, they're like the fucking scourge of the earth. Ooh hey guys, how ironic would it be if I DIY'ed a fannypack?!

Lenore: Oh for Dov's sake, Sanchez, you're such a hipstocrite. At least I accept it.
by tilly the terrible February 23, 2010
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A hipster who can't stand hipsters. Essentially a hypocritical hipster.
James: "There are so many hipsters here it's actually disgusting."

Michael: "James, you're such a hipstocrite."
by swag_killah March 01, 2014
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A person of the Hipster persuasion who exemplifies the essence of unjustified entitlement and hypocritical behavior. One who engages in criticism of cultural trends, policy, institutions, organizations etc. While either knowingly or unknowingly supporting and actively using such services, companies, businesses ect.
Guy: "Take a look at that Hipster with the sign that says 'Corporations are Evil' and the other one with the sign "Vegan and Proud" all hanging around the Occupy Wall Street protest."

Girl: "I see him... The one with the PBR t-shirt taking a picture with his iPhone of the FedEx guy? I bet he's going to upload it to Instagram and Facebook and then go take out 50 bucks from his trust fund with his ATM card and buy a Whole Foods burrito.

Guy: That vegan is wearing Birkenstocks.

Girl: Hipstocrites!
by Everyone Who Knows Them January 01, 2014
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