A hipster is now basically just a caricature of a liberal, urban European student. The hipster lifestyle started in the late 90s/early 00s as reaction to the MTV/TRL/popstar/celebrity worship/fast food consumer culture that peaked in America right before 9/11. Some people were trying to get away from all of that, and instead shopped at thrift stores, started growing their own organic food, read nonmainstream literature, listened to indie music etc, and didn't really fit in with the average joe, and their intentions were at least somewhat authentic in the beginning, unlike most hipsters now. Its origins were mostly on the west coast like grunge was, because that area already has some slight counter-cultural tendencies. Eventually it was picked up and marketed to the youth as an image and a lifestyle so they could be labeled and to get them to buy stuff, just like they did with grunge in the 90s. Today's stereotypical hipster is an exaggerated version of this earlier hipster.
Today's hipsters are different than the ones in the 90s
by dEX December 11, 2013
As a hipster, you are epitomizing a look/trend/"movement" of a particular area that you moved to because you heard of it's coolness, and once there, you mimic the style and attitude of what seems to be the 'hippest'. They go out of their way to be hip, and in no way does the term stand for individuals who are counter-culture or rebellious like in the 50's/60's, although they truly believe they are THE and THE only shit. They act like snobby assholes towards anything they think that they know about, especially what they've heard from CNN, but are easily stumped if you ask them any sort of details about the issue that they bark about.

These days, you can spot a typical hipster by their unnecessarily tight jeans, TOMS or VANS slip on shoes, and most wear glasses that they don't need, with fake lenses. Basically, a hipster of a particular city is one who mirrors the people around them. Hence why they all are dressed the same and are so easy to spot. Hipsters are the lame, wannabe versions of iconoclasts: James Dean, Allen Ginsberg, and the like. Trailblazers, who really were 'hip' because they weren't. People who would either be hiding from society or kicking it's ass for taking their style. Hipsters just try way to hard to be cool.
Real hipsters are usually nothing at all like what the yuppies at thrift stores try to be.

Looks can be deceiving, of course, but if someone tells you you are a hipster, believe them. If they say you are what hipsters try to be, be proud.
Hipster #1: You want to walk to that trendy coffee shop, have a shopping spree at Goodwill, and then browse around the book store like we are actually going to read the books we're looking at?

Hipster #2: Only if we can wear our matching 100% recyclable scarfs! Hey, grab my cigarettes...
by stonymontana'92 May 08, 2013
Middle class materialistic white kids who have no real interests, hobbies or personality and does not do hipster activites for fun but do it to be oh so ironic and ultimately conformist. A hipster is under the pretension that they rebellious and original when they are far from it. Hipsters only have 'surface' interests in things, they are poseury and only do it for the whole 'look at me' factor. They manage to take different aspects of other subcultures in a poseury fashion without having any interest in it and destroy and are a disgrace to the subculture. In conclusion hipsters are overgrown 12 year olds who are poseury and attention seeking and try and hide the fact that they have no hobbies or interests other that shopping. The good thing is that this tends to surface around 14 years old and most of them they'll grow out of it before they hit 25 where they will realise how boring and ordinary they are.
Take punk: hipsters wear dr.martens and their £80 acid 'grungey'wash jeans, pretend they are liberal say 'f*cking tories', they have no real knowledge of politics or of views or experiences on specific social issues and I promise you that they'll be voting tory in 10 years time. Take sporty subculture: they wear adidas originals because they want to look 'cool' but have no interests in sport as that wouldn't be hipster.
by plmmlp April 22, 2013
A person who shows how different and unique they are by looking and acting exactly like everyone else who thinks they're unique or different.
"I wanna be different, so I'm gonna grow a beard, get big glasses, wear ugly sweaters and play in a jam band - so I can be like everyone else who wants to be different!"

"That guy is such a Hipster."
by TheOneAndOnlySHASHA February 26, 2013
A term given to people who choose to develop their own cultural tastes and not support those adopted by mainstream culture. The whole hipster argument exists solely because society is becoming less intelligent, and because of this anything which possesses an intellectual capacity is dismissed as pretentious art school hipster shit. The term hipster is usually used as derogatory term to describe people who maintain a level of INTELLIGENCE. Contrary to popular belief hipsters don't try to be cool. This is a preconception maintined by misinformed individuals who misinterpret their mainstream defiance as a popularity statement. Although people regarded as 'hipsters' can present themselves in an obnoxious manner, it is not intentional and is most likely a by- product of their cultural tastes. Much the discrimination against these people is exercised by narrow minded people who remain intimidated by the misconception that intelligent people take pride in chastising the limited cultural diversity of other individuals. Furthermore, since when did being your own person become a bad thing?
Conformist: God, youre such a hipster...

Hipster: You say that as though its a bad thing, but I'm only trying to live how I want. If you want to continue representing the banality of mainstream society then be my guest...
by GoAskAlex1991 March 07, 2012
Hipsters are what happened to the emo people when they realized they weren't being "individuals" but instead just joining the latest faggy trend. These refugees from society sought asylum by keeping their tight pants, but instead of wearing copious amounts of black, red, or white make up decided to give up basic hygiene to further distance themselves from the "pack." These smelly, privaledged white children clad in grubby hats, ill fitting clothes, and womens shoes grabbed their messanger bags and hopped onto the most inconvenient form of a bicycle (fixed gear) to cause terror on the nations roadways and slowly, but surely, pollute every corner of America with their hipster scum. But all is not lost, inevitably the hipsters will realize they have been labeled "hipsters" and go into a period of dormancy until the next fad surfaces.
(idling at stop sign)
Hey look at that fag* riding a fixed gear, pull out in front of him and he wont be able to stop.

by hooge April 27, 2011
A hipster is someone who buys records even if they don't have a record player, just to say they bought records. They listen to music that no one actually likes. Their taste in music is to make them seem cooler, by being non conformist, therefore making them conform to nonconformists. Hipsters tend to wear flannel and sweaters from flea markets.
Oh look at that hipster! I heard he listened to Sonic Youth to cover up his love for Rihanna.
by pinkxxmusicLOVE January 03, 2010
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