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A individual who prides themselves on what they perceive to be their "unique" sense of style and entertainment. They can usually be identified by their skinny jeans, love of nostalgic items, thick rimmed glasses, and their smug sense of superiority. A conversation with a "hipster" will usually entail of obscure bands, designers, and politicians and they can usually be spotted on bicycles, Urban Outfitters, or Whole Foods. They enjoy "ironic" things: mostly what you wouldn't expect a self-absorbed upper class individual would enjoy: such as cheap beer, piercings, and bolo ties. Basically, a very well-dressed douche-bag.
Hipster: "So I was watching Sesame Street the other day while eating some Captain Crunch, and my dog Bark Obama threw up all over my Times New Viking LP. I had to wipe it up with my Three Wolf Moon shirt, and I was so shook up about it I had to relax with some clove cigarettes and some Pabst Blue Ribbon."

Normal Person: "Wow, aren't you the little hipster? Now get your Barbie ten-speed off my lawn.
#ironic #douchebag #sweater vest #scene kid #poser
by MorningBlueRose December 12, 2010
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