a large hippo. or a band of hippos (hippocricy).
youre such a hippocrite. go suck hippocricy dick.
by fdsfdffd June 02, 2009
Top Definition
A squishy hippo that happends to be hypocritical of others. Derived from the word hypocrite, but accomodated to specificy hippos.
Wow she's such a hippocrite. She tells us to eat ourselves but she never does it!
A person that overweight and denigrates others who are also overweight.
Richard: There's no way I'd ever date Florence, she's huge!
Pete: Mate, you're no stick insect yourself, I think you're being a bit of a hippocrite.
by Neologician May 31, 2012
a fat bitch who is a hypocrite

"yoooo, that bitch is a hippocrite"
by jajayyyyy October 19, 2008
A blood-sucking, irritating and malicious hypocrite that is usually fat, obese or big-sized. They commonly spawn near you when they have bad intentions/goals when befriending you. However, ironically they believe they are inconspicuous in their misdeeds when they infact, are so huge in nature.
1) Omg, that Anna is such a hippocrite! seriously. Did you hear what she said about me?
by mrsdino August 23, 2010
A really huge pain in the but. Related words referring to big issues and smaller tissues: hippocrite, hippothermia, hippoallergenic, hippopotamiss
Look, I'm not exagerrating rating you as a hippocrite, for being such and old fuddy duddy holier than thou.
by Hercolena Oliver May 04, 2008
A hippo-crite is a term used for when fat person makes fun of another fat person based on weight. The average hippo-crite will most likely wear a big sweater so that their fat won't jiggle as much, they usually target a person who is either the same size of him/her or bigger. In some rare cases a hippo-crite will sometimes insult someone who is smaller than him/her( like chubby or slightly plump). The best thing you can do when you see a hippo-crite in action is to quickly and without mercy, call them out on their BS, point out the sweater that he/she wears and if needed, make an example of them. Trust me, a reality check would really help them out in the future.
hippo-crite: HA! look at this fat ass with his double whopper tits. Was your body naturally born made of jell-o.

You*calling him out*: Oh please bitch when you take off your jacket, your gut and tits imitate a waterfall. You take small steps so you don't quake the earth and wear a big ass sweater so that your gut won't imitate ocean waves whenever you breathe. Your such a hippo-crite
by The Truth about People August 07, 2013
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