Short for "hippopotamus" (Hippopotamus amphibius) and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae. A large, funny-looking, semi-aquatic, mostly plant-eating African mammal resambling a fat horse-pig hybrid whose pissed off at life and spends most of its time slacking around and jerking off in ponds and rivers. Despite their stocky shape and short legs, hippos can easily outrun a human (some have been clocked at 30 mph (48 km/h), faster than an Olympic sprinter). They have a taste human babies, catholic priests, and crocodiles and are thought to be Africa's most dangerous animal. They are totally awesome and on the very top of the food chain, so they can eat whatever they want WHENEVER they want. People in Africa have learned to fear and respect hippos because of their fierce character and complete randomness, ironically, the same things that makes them so cool and awesome.
Kid 1: Who would win in a fight between a ninja and a hippo?!
Kid 2: Well, the ninja of course!
Kid 1: WRONG!! Ninjas and hippos balance each other on awesomeness and sweetness, so the battle would rage on forever!
*A ninja chops Kid 1's head while a hippo eats Kid 2's head , then they high-five and walk toward the sunset holding hands...*
by jay-x April 29, 2008
Short for hippopritamus. Pritamus being a romanized version of the indian first name Pritam. Used a nickname or just a joke.
yo hippo wup?
hippo is a hippie
hippo usakius
by kontoc1 January 31, 2007
1. A large amphibious land animal, looking like a fat, gray, leathery horse. They have a huge mouth with missing teeth and a foul temper. Do not approach or feed.

2. A fat woman dressing up in clothes several sizes to small. Do not approach of feed.
1. "And now we see the hippo in their natural habitat..."

2. "God damn, that bitch is a right hippo!"
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
The best animals in the fucking world.
2. See starr jones
hippos kill a lot of ppl
starr jones kills a lot of ppl w/ her lameness
by Ranger Rimjob April 01, 2005
An overweight hippy.
No way I'm taking home that hippo. She reeks of patchouli and probably hasn't shaved her bush since the 90s.
by Almanaseer January 21, 2008
A big mouth hippo is a person who says something is wrong one day but then goes and does that exact same thing or has already done it in the past. Calling someone a hippo is like saying look who's talking. Comes from the word hypocrite, but might also be a reference to the really big mouth of a hippo when it opens wide.
A Lil Wayne fan: Hip hop is getting so shitty nowadays..

by TheBx41 August 30, 2012
Highest Paid Persons Opinion. Usually the person at the head of the corporate ladder whose opinion finally matters.

Well, as usual HiPPo wins!

That’s because the HiPPO at the table has her/his own priorities and experiences and context and opinions.
by Sandeep Sridhar February 27, 2008
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