Top Definition
My mother's name for me.
Mum: Twathead come here
by TejTejTej August 15, 2006
obsessed crazy fans of the twilight saga by stephenie meyer
The premiere for the twilight movie was full of twatheads.
by cuzco01 November 22, 2009
a complete fucking idiot!!! also so annoying you wanna kill 'em
oi! twathead!

(matthew robinson )
by louise bolton September 10, 2003
Justin Bieber's hair style.
(when doing a haircut) "Can i have a twathead? just like Justin Bieber, girls at school love it."
by Justin BB February 16, 2011
someone who's head looks like a vagina.
'That guy has a huge twathead'
by helen taylor June 02, 2004
same as dick head
all you fuckin twat heads who are looking at this website
by no1twatheeeeed April 22, 2003
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