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an uncalculatable amount of wealth, money, cars, ect.

slim+jigga+baby= Hillionaire
a person who has madd cash, now thats a Hillionaire.
by RENELL PETE May 26, 2008
A ultra rich person.
One who can recieve telephone calls while lock up in jail.
Paris is a Hillionaire
by Renell Godley October 26, 2007
A person who is worth millions but claims to be dead broke.
You've got a great job, big house, nice cars, and country club membership but you always say you're too broke to buy a round? Dude, you a just another Hillionaire.
The real meaning of Hillionaire is a conglomerate of Real Estate and Mutilevel marketing companies all in one company. It is God's Cash Cow
Hillionaire Club will Sudue, Take Dominion and be Fruitful and multiply. My father owns the earth and the fullness there of. I look to the hills from which cometh all my help all my help comes from the Lord who made Both heaven and earth.
by Daughter of the Most High God December 08, 2010
A millionaire claiming poverty. A laughable claim at being one of the common folk with everyday money problems. Also referred to as Multi-Hillionaire. Origins: Hillary Clinton's claim to be poor at the end of Bills second Presidential term.
The Hillionaire claimed she could barely afford to keep her houses and had to wear the same pants suite more than once.
by Kimmelweck July 23, 2014
A person who is worth millions but claims to be dead broke.
I almost cried listening to the hillionaire describing how she struggled due to her poverty.
by cedarlimb July 09, 2014

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