A golf shot which hooks (or slices for a left handed golfer) horribly into the woods. This shot is said to be "left and ugly", much like Hillary Clinton.
Golfer 1: You just hit a Hillary Clinton.
Golfer 2: What's that?
Golfer 1: Your shot. It was left and ugly.
by Smackaroon December 29, 2006
stupid bitch and quiet possibly the ugliest lesbian ever. She's a liar, cheater, thief and racist. She has used the Black Community to get elected and they just love to be used.
Stupid fucking fuck shit retard ass bitch who thinks that I owe everybody money because I took my happy to ass college and gave myself an education and now make over a hundred grand year.
Yeah, I went to college and maid something out of myself and it's my fault stupid fuckers who pissed thier lives away can't afford medical care...so I should pay for it.
Hey Hillary, go fuck yourself. Cunt bitch whore.
by I hate fucking hillary February 24, 2005
When you are doing a girl from behind and when she's not looking put and a Hillary Clintion mask after you finish wait for her to turn around give her a good scare. Works sixty percent of the time every time.
Me: I heard more screaming then usual last night, I think peter "Hillary Clinton"'ed Sara last night
Bill: Yeah I was putting some quarters in my drawer and i saw it all go down that chick flipped shit.
by Ken Ben December 06, 2009
a politician who has nothing better to do than make a huge deal about the "hot coffee" mod which unlocks a sex scene in the PC version of the video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and demand that they raise the game's age restriction from 17+ to 18+.
Rather than protecting the children from playing "GTA San Andreas", Hillary Clinton made it a top story on all news programs and gaming websites, informing millions of innocent children about this game rated "Adults Only" that has violence, swearing, and sex. 99.99974% of those kids immediately wanted to play the game. About 80% of them actually got to play it and downloaded the mod.
by CJ aka Carl Johnson July 28, 2005
I'm sorry, I can't support her! Hillary Clinton supports MFN with China, three strikes laws, backdoor bureaucractic health care, and is a racist. She isn't a Socialist, she should be though! I'm voting for John Kerry if he runs again!
Man, Hillary Clinton will be the next Jimmy Carter
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
The most misunderstood person in The United States. Please, for your sake, do not look up political figures on urban dictionary.
Hillary Clinton is not evil, and people who have such a horrible idea of this woman have nothing to back it up. It is one of the biggest mysteries I've come across.
by iBallz April 06, 2008
A very strong minded and able woman who is constantly called horrible names because she made the mistake of being female and a serious politician. If she had been a man, no-one would expend so much energy (like the people below) hating on her.
Hillary Clinton is the most impressive female public figure of our time. Too bad she isnt a man and actually had a fair chance to be listened to...

by IloveHillary October 28, 2007

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