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A derogitory way of saying that someone is doing something that sounds dirty but actually means not doing anything
Nathan- "Hey, have you seen Dom lately? He hasn't come over in like three weeks."
Wade- "I saw his car at home yesterday."
Nathan- "Hmmm.... I guess he's too busy to hang with us."
Wade- "Nah man, he's probably just been log twobbling."\
Nathan- "Gross...."
Wade- "How is doing nothing gross?"
by renegadeangel92 April 06, 2010
Using Facebook Mobile to have a Facebook message conversation with another friend on Facebook who has Facebook Mobile
Jake- "My cell phone keeps beeping because Jessica keeps Facebook messaging me."

Nick- "Isn't she driving? How does she have internet?"

Jake- "No dude, she's texting the messages to Facebook using Facebook Mobile, just like me."

Nick- "Congrats, you're Facebook Texting."
by Renegadeangel92 October 16, 2010
Anything that is hard to find
Mike- "Hey Jess! I'm so sorry I'm late for our date."
Jess- "Its ok Mike. This place is a snails asshole."
by renegadeangel92 April 06, 2010
The state of being in which ones head is at an equal level vertically with a set of male genitalia.
Cord- "Hey Leslie, wanna suck my dick?"
Leslie- "Why on Earth would I want to do that?"
Cord- "Well I just figured since you were at cock level..."
by Renegadeangel92 March 04, 2010
Any of the large denomination of lower class people who are only seen in public at Walmart stores. They have no sense of decency, fashion, or shamefullness, let alone any sense of modesty.
Todd- "George, do you see that fat lady with her pants pulled up over her boobs and no shirt on?! She's using her pants as a freaking unitard!!!!"

George- "By God, Todd! That's a true Walmartian."
by renegadeangel92 February 20, 2011
1. Any one person who lacks the effort, common sense, or skill to accomplish that which is the most basic task.
2. A lazy individual who refuses to move from their current location to finish a task
3. Private First Class Davis
4. Private First Class Johnson
Johnson- "Hey, did you order the pizza?"
Davis- "Well I tried, but I just stayed on hold...."
Johnson- "You shitbag...."


Davis- "Hey, do you wanna come down to the Troop Store with us to get some chow?"
Johnson- "No, I'm laying down..."
Davis- "You shitbag...."
by Renegadeangel92 July 16, 2011
Pluralization of the plural form of highlights in reference to reading material
Cord- "Hey Jake, are you bringing your secondary sources to the World Lit final?"
Jake- "Yeah, I've got it all my highlations and I'm ready to go."
Cord- "Can I see your highlations to make my own highlations?"
Jake- "Sure thing man!"
Cord- "Sweet tits."
by renegadeangel92 May 18, 2010

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