Under the influence of marijuana. Everything seems to slow down, and become better. Music seems much better, and you seem to understand it more. While high people may experience enhanced creativity and artistic skills. A high individual can still function, however he/she will not be crisp. Some people are able to drive as good as normal, because they are aware of the imparement, and are able to control themselves. A high can last from 40 minutes to several hours, depending on the quality, strain, and method of smoking(pipe, joint, blunt, bong, blades, lungs etc.) New users may experience a bad high, panic attacks, very red eyes, and coughing their heads off.
I got so high today, I felt like I was on a boat.
by Spliffy LongBlunt June 27, 2006
boy: man im hungry as fuk...

girl: well get sum to eat !!!

boy: imma get a whataburger

girl: MMMMM... i love that

boy: yea i kno but der to high
by ChikaFina May 16, 2010
An amazing feeling. When you are really high at all levels you may find your self being completely different than normal, and having near no control over it, or rather you don't want to control it because it feels so warm and fuzzy inside you just want to stare blankly..and it sometimes happens that way. If you are with experienced users they usually have a lot of control. you will often get very quizzical looks. everything is extremely funny. if you play a video game for example while you are very high, your friends may notice you shooting into the sky, or absolutely nothing at all rather than the invading enemies with assault rifles. your vision can get massively colorful, for certain individuals. most often many people can easily get tunnel vision, as described above. your balance can also be very off. you may find yourself unable to stand and walk appropriately. also very deep, deep thoughts about the simplest things. many people feel a sense of warmth, at every vein and joint. it is also good to not go into public for unexperienced users. But, there is some negative affects; a user can have a bad high. this "bad" can be described by intense paranoia of being caught, panic attacks, and a headache. when you're high everything is a fog..you wont remember much in the morning, but the feeling is intense.
Bob: Wow what is Joe doing? He keeps staring off into space.
Alex: Must be high, of course
by Tricky =D November 17, 2009
The state of mind that you are in after smoke a moderate amount of weed. Its the stage that comes before getting stoned.
Dude i barely smoked any, im only high.
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
A completely elevated state of consciousness. The mind will be free to explore hidden depths within itself. Some senses may feel heightened, while some may be dulled. 
The muscles in one's body may relax, or contract and twitch. One may experience either a floating sensation or extreme heaviness (Couch Potato Syndrom.) 
Most people experience what's referred to as The Munchies. Eating becomes an exotic experience, and many people become culinary pioneers, exploring new and strange food combinations.
Beware: Eating often dulls the high. 
For some, the sense of smell is dulled. One's vision may blur and the eyes become glossy and red. Tip: Use Visine. 
Sounds may become distorted in various ways. Music is heard differently and may seem immersive, as though one can "feel" it. Tip: Experiment with new, different types of music. One can achieve a meditative state of mind through ambient sound. 
Most novice marijuana smokers experience what's known as The Giggles. Simple things may cause a person to fall into uncontrollable laughter. This effect is generally harder to achieve once a person has been smoking regularly for a long period.
Some people may also experience a feeling of paranoia. This usually doesn't last long, and may only occur when using a specific type of marijuana. Different types, or strains of marijuana will have different effects on a person. Being high takes on a new meaning to every person, and with each new experience.
When you are high, your mind will reveal you to yourself.
by Jyndaru July 09, 2012
a good feeling, to be uplifted. in my cases,

1) musically
2) spiritually
I'm on that musical/spiritual high right now. I feel like nothing else matters.
by musicdrugged March 08, 2008
High {hy)
1. (adj) Up.
2. (adj) Slang term to define the influence of medical and recreational drugs, most commonly marijuana.
3. (adj) Under the influence defined in 2.
1. The clouds are high in the sky.
2. He's getting high at Mark's.
3. She's high.
by Doomful December 28, 2012
To be high is to analyze the data one level deeper than when not high.
In other words, if in the usual state you analyze the data, the high state is when you analyze the metadata.
If you watch the forecast you normally process the next day's weather. When high, on top of that, you wonder if the weather is accurate.

Me right now when I came up with this definition.
by tsuki September 07, 2012

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