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when you have lots of money
If yer daddy gets that job up at the bank, we's goin' be in high cotton.
by jkw February 05, 2004
A state of good luck, good fortune, wealth, prosperity.
He's shittin in high cotton...
by Michael Cornelius February 14, 2004
Is when things are more expensive or richer than your social status. Being High Cotton means you are rich or wealthy
That hotel was High Cotton with the pillows and the beds

Steve drove a bentley he was a high cotton dude
by TankKNAF October 02, 2009
n. An Al Franken t-shirt
n. There actually is a t-shirt company called "High Cotton" and I have the one that says "c:\dos. c:\dos\run. run\dos\run."
I'm wearing my high cotton today.
by fizzle April 01, 2004
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