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To get crunk but mainly used in the Northern California area
Ths paarty's gettin hifey up in hea!
by FOBLumpia November 15, 2004
An online computer game, much like Worms ,originating from Korea, that used to be great.

The English version has now been overrun by:
1. Singaporeans who always say "Liao"
2. Latin Americans who speak barely any English whatsoever
3. Pros who have made far too many multiple accounts and play in the beginner zone to get easier money
4. Stat whores that bulk up on money items in the no stat zone, just for money, or ones with the whole Gold outfit
5. Hackers or scammers that ask to "trade," as long as you give your item first
6. And far, far more people than there used to be on the game, causing a lot of lag, and making it difficult to gain a rank
People in a chat room in the game:

IgiveFREEitems: Give me your ID and password, so I can give you free angel wings!

GBadministrator748251245: We have made a new security that if you type your password here, it doesn't show up! See? ******

Singapore241235: Liao poeple dnut pley rite wya liao!
by FOBLumpia November 09, 2004
A term used in an online game called Gunbound:

Players that bulk up on high stat outfits that give them +30 attack and +50 defense and +28 money etc..
Veteraninthegame: Hah! I hate you stat whores.. just because you have good items doesn't make you better than everyone else..
Overconfidentplayer: Fuk yu pro! Ill PWN you!!
by FOBLumpia November 09, 2004
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