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a game, except it's not really a game, it's only used as an insult.
Go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself.
by Nick D February 27, 2003
A derogatory term used when someone is annoying the shit out of you and you want them to leave.
Kris - "Hey dickweed"
Ash - "Kris...why dont you go and play a game of hide and go fuck yourself."
by HACH November 30, 2006
(1) method of dismissal
(2) A game that 90% of republicans and 85% of democrats need to go play
(1) You are talking too much, why don't you go play Hide-and-Go-Fuck-Yourself

(2) We would all be better off if politicians, idiot talking heads, and the idiots who worship them would go play Hide-and-Go-Fuck-Yourself while the rest of us try to work things outs
by Matt August 08, 2003
A game that you tell a annoying or smarty pants to play
when tom made bob mad he said "hey why don't you play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself"
by schreck34 June 05, 2007
What you tell a Mikey who is stamping the ground in front of you for no apparent reason...
nonmikey:Hey mikey, what are you stomping?
nonmikey:heres an idea!
nonmikey:how about you going out side and enjoying a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself
by That Guy, yeah ME December 02, 2008
A game i spent many a summer days playing...
I used to HIDE in the bathroom AND GO FUCK MYSELF all day long(hide and go fuck yourself).
by Dr. Awesome July 25, 2006
When one has no friends, and another tells him to go play hide and go fuck yourself, or perform the act of masturbation
He told me to go play hide and go fuck yourself, so I did!
by farttroll February 27, 2003
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