a sex fined idiot that just got raped by a big black horse with the biggest penis named black diamond ;p
hey hey, look at that hester runnin from black beautys black diamond... ooo he almost got away ;p
by Condemned Vampi September 24, 2008
Top Definition
a UK variation of the popular American term “hooch”. although this female is hot, flirty and uses her sexual prowess to her advantage, she does not necessarily dress in a slutty fashion. Although she may seem proper on the outside, she has an active sexual mind. she is not afraid to use the work “cock”, or “cunt” freely, a key differentiation with her American counterpart.
Every guys deep down wants a hester.
by Berks May 10, 2006
A two timing whore from The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Often used to describe someone who cheats on someone and claims they didn't mean it.
Person 1 -Tasia is such a hester!
Person 2- she totally cheated!
by Boo, You Whore November 19, 2009
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