a soul's counterpart; soul mate; hetero-life-partner
Andrew, Daniel is your hess.
by Alaska's Son August 25, 2008
Top Definition
n. a suave individual, well mannered
Wow, Hess is looking like a pimp tonight... Wait, he looks like a pimp every night.
by J. M. Stacy May 01, 2005
A cool skin/pot head in cargo pants and t-shirt. A hess is known to consume a lots of weed and alchohol in abusive (near to coma/deadly) amounts. The usage of these substances by a hess is mostly done in a kitchen. To refer to this activity they use the name "CoughingKitchen" (Kcina Tisol).....
Look that guy is a hess you can tell by what he is smoking. ("Il qadsa l'Madonna hess kemm int imkisser ?") Yesterday the hess slept on the sidewalk" "Il lostja il hess haga wahda ma bankina ilejla"
by Ix-Xitan September 05, 2009
A nice way of saying, "Hell NO!."

It also can mean that you don't agree, stand up for or condone a certain activity, event, thing or what have you.
Brother: "Let me borrow $20 for gas."
Sister: HESS! I'm riding on "E."
by dhs2008 August 15, 2011
Commonly used by gumpy kids to express excitement and joy.

"Dude, taco bell is open super late... hess!"
by Ricky and Danny September 30, 2005
When someone is very very very old. Derived from the fact that Charlton Heston played Moses in a movie, when in fact he was probably alive at the same time Moses was actually alive. Hess comes from the first few letters of Heston's last name.
I saw a Hess at the beach today, he had wrinkles on top of his wrinkles.

The gym had to call an ambulence today when a Hess tried to use the stairmaster.
by Wildcat2285 April 20, 2010
a disease of the plebe type. symptoms include: general fatigue, general pain, knee pains, vomiting, headaches. The Hess usually occurs preceeding activities that involve work, thinking, or getting out of your room. The Hess will carry you through at least 180 days on chit and will get many people to hate you and wonder how your brother was so bad ass here but you aren't. No known cure.
Person A: Man, he's been sick for a while now, what's wrong with him?
Person B: I've heard he's got that incurable disease, you know, like AIDS, except its called The Hess.
by Car Ramrod2 December 03, 2007

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