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A particularly pernicious, nasty, form of diahhroea in which the victim feels the need to pass gas, but instead liquid shit comes squirting out resulting in a very unpleasant shitting of one's pants, often in a public or otherwise unforgiving location, far from a shithouse.
Damn, I thought I was just gonna fart, but had the Hershey Squirts and wound up shitting myself right there in the mall.
by Wally, the Grotee November 22, 2003
poop, with a pastey, sloppy consistency, oftentimes escaping from the rectum in sudden jets, unexpectedly or at unfortumate times.
there was a little bit of hershey squirts on his leg as he turned to leave the room.
by johnny freedom October 20, 2005
(n), to defecate in one's pants, usually under accidental circumstances in which one had intended to expel flatulence.

(v), to experience a hershey squirt.
Larry tried to fart, but instead, had a hershey squirt in his boxer shorts and had to go home to change his clothes.
by Mysterious Joe August 26, 2003
When you go to fart, but a squirt of poop comes out. Woopsie.
Richard Dutka when on an adventure to Tim Horton's and let out a Hershey Squirt in his pants.
by Archibald Wolfgang January 20, 2007
Slang for diarreah, mud butt or the green-apple splatters.
After dinner at Don Pablos, Leroy had the Hershey Squirts like a mofo.
by asian May 13, 2004
horrible fiery diarreah that shoots out in squirts
tami ruined another pair of pants after a particularly acute case of the hershey squirts
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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