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To take notes for extended periods of time which may result in frustration, depression, insomnia, fatigue, pain, diarrhea, ulcers, death, or etc.
Student #1: Hey did you finish hersching yesterday?
Student #2: Yeah, it took six hours!
by hersching August 25, 2011
73 9
To obsessively remove everything from inside your wallet, just to examine and count it, and then put everything back inside. This action often results in a feeling of accomplishment, though nothing has actually been accomplished.
I was hersching my wallet the other day and came across an old photo of us.
by porkfromspace March 20, 2011
2 11
It Means 1. Evil 2. Shit
Yo did you hear that new Matchbox Twenty Song
Yeah It's a Hersch.
by Matt Berchtold is an Asshole March 30, 2008
9 18