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To take notes for extended periods of time which may result in frustration, depression, insomnia, fatigue, pain, diarrhea, ulcers, death, or etc.
Student #1: Hey did you finish hersching yesterday?
Student #2: Yeah, it took six hours!
by hersching August 25, 2011
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When something is very large or fat
Bill- Hey, look at that lady over there! Shes pretty
Mike- Naw dude, Shes Hersch
by Theodoren April 07, 2015
To obsessively remove everything from inside your wallet, just to examine and count it, and then put everything back inside. This action often results in a feeling of accomplishment, though nothing has actually been accomplished.
I was hersching my wallet the other day and came across an old photo of us.
by porkfromspace March 20, 2011
It Means 1. Evil 2. Shit
Yo did you hear that new Matchbox Twenty Song
Yeah It's a Hersch.
by TheBonjiCrew March 30, 2008

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