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(or Hermie)
Short for Hermaphrodite
Although Ciara is a Hermy, she's still a sexy hip hop chick
by JorgeyPorgieBoy May 25, 2005
52 42
a rare disease. you start to feel pain in your lower stomach, and it rises to your brain. it can be fatal. you may die.
oh shit son ive got the hermies.
by Nancy Thompson July 19, 2006
10 7
A boy by the name of Eric who has both male and female genetalia.
Geez, that hermy kid, Eric, really needs to stop using his high pitched voice.
by Meagan The Great November 29, 2009
17 17
A "person" that has a fuceing cock and a fuceing puzzay.
My Cousin is a hermy...i know this because he's the mother and father of his children.
by John Effing Smith January 18, 2003
13 42