1. (n) A superhuman with the sexual organs of both genders but not nessecarily able to carry both sperm and eggs.
2. Ones who are persecuted because normal humans like us fear and don't understand their superiority. Like in the X-Men.
3. Jamie Lee Curtis
4. What human beings will evole into in the next 5 million years.
1. Cool! She's a hermaphrodite and can fuck herself!
2. Human beings fear what they don't understand.
3. They say Jamie Lee Curtis is a man, but I think shes a hermaphrodite! And shes hot!
4. The time of homo sapiens have ended and the bi genitis has begun!
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 10, 2004
tatie hadow and gabrial hadow
people who have both male and female parts
by hellzo March 11, 2005
A person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics.
Ewwwww U nasty fuck.. thatz nasty how the fuck do u have a pussy and a dick!
by Lori Inthisone December 09, 2003
a either gay or straight thing with a little dick and a little puss
lars is a hermaphrodite viking
by John September 05, 2003
Freak of the nature. Hermaphrodites are weirdos, who have genitalia of both sexes, both dick and pussy, and thus, they're uberfreaks.

hermaphrodites are from the andromeda galaxy, and they escaped into this world because their own species hated them so much that hermaphrodites were almost killed off.

Hermaphrodites have a plan to conquer and enslave this world, and they're masters of mind control. George W. Bush is in their control, and hermaphrodites are using him to their own horrible and freakish ends. But there is still hope, for hermaphrodites cannot reproduce, and their race is going to die off in a thirty years.
Hermaphrodite 1. "Mwahahahaa! These humans are so stupid. They still don't view us threat."

Hermaphrodite 2. "Yeah pal, but they're going to learn when we destroy their race and take over this world."

Both: "Mwahahahahaha!"
by Ihatehermaphrodites. June 11, 2007
(Her-maf-ro-dy-tee) Hermaphrodite is the Greek god of beauty, it is Aphrodite's long lost sibling. It has both male and female genitals and it appropriately takes both forms of gender. Depending on the gender and sexuality of the on-looker, Hermaphrodite takes the appearance that will appeal most to the on-looker (unless the on-looker is bisexual, then they will just see distortion like on an old tv).
Example 1: a straight couple was walking down the street when Hermaphrodite walked by and both of them turned around to get a look at dat ass .

Example 2: a gay couple was walking down the street and hermaphrodite walked by, they both turned around to get a good look at dat ass, but one of them saw a girl's ass and they broke up.
by wolftitfever April 06, 2015
Similar to the way Goteta, and Gotenks are created using the Fusion technique, Hermes and Aphrodite are fused together in the same fashion thus becoming a Flying Sex Machine.... also known as a Flying Fuck
I totally went out with hermaphrodite last night, it was magical, we did it in mid-air.
by AWOLPROFX October 14, 2014

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