Any animal or human haveing both male and female genitalia
most common example of a hermaphrodite is a worm. But on rare ocasions can occur in humans. You're girl/boy friend drops there pants to reveal a penis and a vagina... whoaaa... than you fuck them anyways.
by Jaronamo Rain February 16, 2009
a person with a really small penis and a vagina with more female characteristics
Lady GaGa is not a hermaphrodite because that it is weird.
by GaGaWeird November 23, 2009
A hermaphrodite is an organism having both male and female reproductive organs . Its a ladyboy but not by choice !!!
I am bisexual an would love a hermaphrodite ( bit of both ) or your a hermaphrodite go fuck yourself
by Lewis0ne February 14, 2009
See also: Richard Simmons
How does a hermaphrodite get a sex change
by matt July 15, 2004
a person who has a penis and vagina at birth; CIARA
Ciara is a hermaphrodite and she takes pills for her natural developement.
by Felicia January 31, 2005
a person with the sexual organs of both sexes.
A hermaphrodite can fuck to people at once!
by Anonymous June 05, 2002
an individual who has both penis and vagina
theycan be a male, female or even both!
usually called richard.
Hannah-'whoa man, that purple headed beacon is a hermaphrodite, look at that big fat penis on their head!'
Emma- 'yeah manlook at that linda, ha now shes got a hard on, i havent seen her get it up for a while!'
Hannah-' but i thought you had sexy time last week on tuesday?'
Emma- ' no, that was with the hermaphrodite beacon!'
Hannah- 'THAT BITCH!'
by ict sex buddies March 17, 2008

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