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words derived from the two words 'her' and 'erection' and is used to describe when a female gets pointy nipples
david: did you see the nipples on her?
joe: thats some herection!
by d_berry February 10, 2010

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combining the words her and erection to describe an engorged clitoris / clitoral erection.
The very thought of hooking up with him is giving me a massive herection.
by Leggy Rae April 03, 2010
Basically this is an unintentionally manly inspired boner, whether it be watching some football, lifting at the gym with your buddies or wrestling with your best "bro" friend. One basically gets the idea at this point. Also, see broner.

A synonym for broner.
Watching He-Man fight gives me a total he-rection (get it?).
by MeatSchlag June 21, 2009