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3 definitions by d_berry

word used best to emphasize a word much in the same way 'whopper' or sometimes 'very'. commonly used in tallaght, dublin.
steve: is that lad mad out of it?
frank: nah, hes turbo minty fresh mad out of it!

dave: sorry boys cant talk right now, im ridin' me turbo bird!
by d_berry February 10, 2010
words derived from the two words 'her' and 'erection' and is used to describe when a female gets pointy nipples
david: did you see the nipples on her?
joe: thats some herection!
by d_berry February 10, 2010
collective name given to a group of crusty (odd looking, strange, stupid, weird etc) people. Commonly linked with a Crustosaurus as a group of these may also make up the Crustkateers
Ferg, Joe and Pearce are obviously the 3 Crustkateers, just look at them!

Look at those absolute Crustkateers over there!
by d_berry December 21, 2010