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salutation: variant of "hello"
noun: a cute guy (usually used in conjunction with a visual directional cue such as pointing)*

Origin: early 21st cent. California Gay Slang. from English "hello".

*abbreviated form of the sentence: "Hello, look over there and check out that guy because he is extremely cute"
salutation: (Person a) Hellur! (Person b) Hellur! Wha' ch 'yer doerin'?
noun: Hellur (while leaning the head to the right to indicate a very hot guy to the right)!
by Jos Van Spanje September 09, 2006
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a word used to signify triumph
" I got an A in my Calculus class, smartest black guy in the school! HELLUR!!!"
by Devon Frosh April 04, 2009
A variant of the English greeting, "hello". Often used on the internet.

by Snail in a tux August 17, 2012
how an egyptian would pronounce hello. they would shout this often to get sexy geil's attention.
person 1: hellur
person 1: Hellur!
person 2: yes?
by sexy geil September 13, 2009

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