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Slag for a person (often used when referring to teenagers) that causes trouble wherever they go.
That heller came in here the other day just to cause trouble.
by Scottmana November 25, 2007
19 25
The cool way of saying "Hell yeah".
Mike: "Hey Joey, want to go see my Mom mud wrestle?"
Joey: "Hellers!"
by jfreshone June 23, 2010
145 30
The hip way to say "hello"... just add an R to anything.
" Heller, and how u durin.....
by f2cklife September 20, 2006
141 51
A word that will replace "hella" in Northern California which will eventually change the course of the Norcal culture.
Dude that's heller cool.

I'm heller tired.
by Dylan Fawcedaddy August 03, 2010
84 30
The last name of a true champion in life. Someone with this last name is probably extremely good at music. (Such as rapping) And probably gets a lot of women.
Damn, he has 2 girls in each arm! He must be a Heller.
by KHelluh August 07, 2011
34 18
If something is awesome, but like totally awesome and rad you can say: thats heller-awesome to let people know it is more than just awesome. Or if something really really sucks heller can be applied also.
That show is heller-awesome. That tshirt is heller-rad. That grind was heller-sweet. That was heller-shit.
by slayerdude October 16, 2007
31 27
A formal greeting wishing good will and a good day/evening/night upon one's soul. Introducing someone to a good time in there lives that should be remembered and participated in. Also, if the greeters name is presented after the greeting, it shows a sign of trust upon the one who is being greeted. :)
Heller _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, my name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
by Animxavier July 01, 2014
0 0
to fuck up, or otherwise make a fool of oneself or something
Wow....you really hellered that joke
by Grant Rosen April 02, 2011
19 20