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a girl whom is very loved and hilarious. she is always looking her finest and everyone wants to be like her! she got a great singing voice and is alway herself nothing other that! helene love to have fun and parrty..especially salsa dance in the casinos. LOUD! but she is also terribly smart and incredible gorgeous,all the time.
this girl is obviously a helene! i mean were all practically pee our pants. i mean she looks gorgeous..and shes sooooooo smart? weird you never find both of that in a girl?? and sweet heart when she sings its like im in HEAVEN! i love her sooo much, well all do!
by cassssssin January 23, 2009
A girl who knows what she wants. She is very bold and gets to the point. Helene's tend to be very shy about their feelings toward others. They tend to get what they've been looking for and they have amazing taste in guys. If you have something to say to them say it straight up because they are very slow and miss big hints. Helene's are one of the top 5 sexiest creatures on earth. When you have a chance with one take it!
"This girl gave me head last night!"

"It was an Helene wasn't it?"

by ohdamnnsaywhatttt April 27, 2009
a girl that eats a lot of ice
Bob: what is that chick doing..?
Susan: it's a helene... she's an ice eater
by krazy4muffins July 12, 2011
A dysfunction succubus that devours all it touches, its voracious appetite rarely fulfilled. A dangerously evil creation encased and contained within the supple skin of a woman.

Be warned young man, that there woman is quite the helene.
by cuntfacedgutterslut March 13, 2009
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