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3 definitions by krazy4muffins

a girl that eats a lot of ice
Bob: what is that chick doing..?
Susan: it's a helene... she's an ice eater
by krazy4muffins July 12, 2011
43 36
A Kachine is a girl that knows what she wants. She is beautiful in every way and is always looking her best. She can be emotional and moody at times. But even when she's down she can put on a smile that could make the whole world turn. She loves her friends more than anything. She also loves to ride unicorns in the summer with her friends. Anyone would be lucky to have a Kachine for their friend. Totally awesome chick.
Helene: woah dude.... did you see that???
Olivia: yea... she was beautiful.
Helene: must have been a Kachine.
by krazy4muffins July 12, 2011
9 2
Flobobo is a word that derives from a random chick in vermont in 2011 who was bored and hyper. it has no meaning. it answers everything.
hey do you wanna go to the movies with me?

so is that a yes...?
by krazy4muffins August 03, 2011
1 1