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2 definitions by paperstars

A somewhat irritating giggle. You may find "hehe" pop up in various conversations in texts and ims. Many girls say this because it's a step cuter from the original "haha".
Hannah: Omg! My boyfriend is going to take me out shopping tomorrow! Hehehehe!
Sarah: Wow... that's nice! Haha :)
Hannah: Hehehehehehehe!
by paperstars February 12, 2009
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An unusually annoying person who is socially retarded. The sole purpose on earth for Sakurat is to constantly irritate people. Related to the word parasite, as to cling on unwanting hosts.
Matt: So how's that stalker of yours?
Peter: Dude, she's constantly texting me!
Matt: Sounds like a first class Sakurat to me.
by paperstars March 30, 2009
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