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Combination of "head" and "egg" used to describe the egg-like shape of a person's head, most often applied to males.
John: "Wow, Dave really has an odd shaped head doesn't he?"
Ken: "I know man, that is one absolute hegg!"
by Liz G-Foy January 23, 2008
1. (n) a hungover, mean bastard of a poster on a board or in a chatroom, who hates anyone and anything conceived more than 20 miles from where he resides. Not dangerous/malicious unless out of ciggies or cider, and invariably loyal almost to the point of pychosis

2. (n) a post by that is blunt to the point of making your eyes water, but also accurate as far as content is concerned
Innocent Poster: "Should I have red or white wine with chicken?"
heggs:"I like beer, me."
IP: "But that isn't helpful to me."
heggs: "Take yer whiney tard shite and fuck off then."
IP: "Thanks, heggs"

2. Innocent poster: "Good morning."
heggs: "Morning fucker? It ain't morning here, ya daft bastard."
Rest of community: "Morning heggs."
by ewe-no-who February 24, 2004
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