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one who believes that the raunchiest girls are wick3d fine.
-dAim andrew, that kid is such a heemer.
- i know he might as well date an elaphant cuz that girl is
a-so a-grodie
by Coffey July 08, 2006
An expression that points out something obviously disgusting or funny about an individual.
1. "That guy has them heemers"
2. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemers"
by burritogrande October 27, 2008
A Homosexual; Defived from the cod-Geordie phrase 'Heemer-sexual'
That Dave was looking at my arse all night, Man , I think he's a heemer, like
by Mister_Douve May 07, 2003
A steaming hemorrhoid.
Jubal had a heemer the size of hammer-struck thumb.
by harry flashman August 14, 2003
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