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An individual (usually a male from Speedway, IN) with an ovaloid shaped blockheed partially covered with wispy blond hair that has receded back to show a shiny dome cranium. In the history of man only one person has had the distinction of possessing this size of noggin'. "Heed" usually uses a toilet as a "helmet" to protect the garganous cranium
"Hey, look at the Heed trying to put that hat on... it looks like someone trying to put a condom on a watermelon!! No.... it's like trying to play Putt-Putt with a basketball...on top of that.. it's like putting glitter on a pimple!!"
by Jon "Smelliott" Elliott February 04, 2005
pay attention; listen to
"I see the way you go and say you're right again,
say your right again
heed my lecture"

-Lyrics from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
by Kimmay~! August 05, 2006
Head (Scottish) - Also spelled head
''Watch yer heed oan that hing''
by Brendan April 07, 2003

To engage in activities solely for the purpose of pleasure and self gratification / to engage in hedonism


Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of hedonism.

Origin: derived from Hedonism/Hedonistic

Alex: "I'm going to this crazy party, do you guys want to come heed with me?"


"I went to a crazy party last night. It was so heed."
by The Heedo November 06, 2011
When you have a big heed. Or you are super smart naturally, your heed becomes a neural net processor a learning computer.
"You are a coding machine, your heed is like a computer."
by Davzy Boyz April 10, 2004
Someone who has grown an extremely large "head".Scottish word.
For fuck sake Cowans heeds grown bigger over the summer
by G August 18, 2003
London slang for a joint or spliff. Or cannabis generally.
J: Yea man, you wana roll another heed?

A: Na, im bare lean! Allow!
by mink33 December 13, 2006