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What Michael Jackson says alot... great guy...
It don't matter if you're black or white.. HEE HEE! Aaow!
by Holly - MJ is fab July 23, 2006
A term used by Michael Jackson (The King of Pop) in many of his songs. Usually describes a state of happiness or excitement.
"Ch'mone, HEE HEE! Oww! The way you make me feel!"
by JacksonFan90 March 06, 2010
Popularized by Micheal Jackson, it is usually yelled at a very high pitch. Yell/Scream this at random times to make an everyday, boring conversation amusing/annoying.
Guy#1: Nice weather we're having. Perfect for the company picnic.
Guy#2: Yeah i guess....HEE HEE

Kid: Mom! whats for dinner?
by Cwhite17 September 22, 2010
to laugh in a matter of laughy-taffy-nesss. WEEEE i love laughing. Also see lol, rotfl, haha, mwahahaha, or teeheehee.
This is an IM conversation:
blahh123: i just wet my bed.
blahh321: heehee!!!
by kitkat123546 June 12, 2008
A very good, high toned voice used to start drama in the mall, center of town, or any place with people.
Attention everybody! Shut the hell up and listen... HEE HEE!
by Punji September 19, 2008
The sound that a common faggot ginger makes when laughing. This is generally believed to be an affected laugh to impress girls or to make others around him believe that he is having a better time than them. Could be a symptom of the disease, "Gingervitis".
Ginger - hee HEE hee HEE hee HEE, I work at Burr King, hee HEE hee HEE
Man - Oh my god someone tell that stupid faggot ginger to shut the fuck up!
by TonyL (the example ginger) February 08, 2011
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